Expect to see more of Burguesa's La Monumental in the new year.
Expect to see more of Burguesa's La Monumental in the new year.

Twisted Root, Mooyah and Burguesa Make List of "Burger Chains to Watch in 2011"

The burger industry publication, Burger Business, has named Twisted Root Burger Co. as one of 11 "burger chains to watch in 2011," a designation the Dallas-based chain's owner doesn't dispute.

Reached by phone this morning, Jason Boso said he was out late last night celebrating the hiring of his friend as Twisted Root's newest CPA, "which has a little something to do with what you're asking."

Boso says Twisted Root's committed to moving beyond Texas, and is now sizing up potential locations in Oklahoma - although he's quick to clarify that the company's still in the "just looking" stage. Current plans call for two to three new stores a year, but success could speed the pace of expansion.

"If we can move quicker than that, we may move faster than that," he says.

Boso adds conditions might also call for a slower approach.

"As long as we can maintain our culture and food creativity, we'll continue to grow," he says. "But if at any point, I feel we can't do a kangaroo burger occasionally, or fried zucchini chips occasionally, I'll slow down."

Frisco-based Mooyah Burgers and Fries, which recently announced plans to open 221outlets nationwide, and Dallas' Burguesa Burger also made Burger Business' list. The website pins Burguesa's potential on its signature La Monumental, made with two beef patties, cheese, ham, avocado, refried beans, crunchy tostada and a whole jalapeño. "If McDonald's married Taco Bell, Burguesa Burger would be their offspring," Burger Business marvels.

The non-Dallas contenders on the list include Chicago's Epic Burger, featuring never-frozen, all-natural meat; Kansas' Blanc Burgers and Bottles, winner of the website's burger bracket; San Diego's Burger Lounge, a grass-fed outfit championed by Rachael Ray and Zinburger Wine and Burger Bar, a concept from - c'mon, guess - Scottsdale, Ariz.


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