Twisted Root's Jason Boso to Open Up a New Taco Spot

Twisted Root's Jason Boso to Open Up a New Taco Spot

Jason Boso, the owner of the growing Twisted Root burger chain just announced he's taking the taco business for a test drive. Boso is closing his Cowboy Kitchen location in Roanoke for a few weeks to renovate and re-brand the space. When he's done Tacos and Avocados (101 South Oak Street) will open it its place.

If you can guess from the name, guacamole will be prominently featured on the menu in multiple variations alongside gringo-style tacos, elotes, and fruity, frozen palates. Boso is even working with local fishmongers to offer weekly fish taco specials. He plans to buy the left over scraps from processed sea creatures and turn them into fish tacos.

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