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Twisted Root's Special Off-Menu Fries Should Stay Off

With all the excitement surrounding the grand opening of In-N-Out Burger last Wednesday, it's only natural that competitors are looking to capitalize on the hype. That's exactly what local burger joint Twisted Root Burger Co. is trying to do anyway, as we received a press release late last week stating "In-N-Out Burger isn't the only one with a secret menu. Jason Boso just announced that twisted Root Burger Co. also has 'off the menu' items." According to the press release, the burger joint is offering up three different baskets of gourmet french fries for $5 a pop. Options include Twisted Root American Fries with chili, Cheese Whiz, crispy bacon crumbles and chives; twisted Root Literal Fries with crushed black pepper, kosher salt and chunks of blue cheese; and Twisted Root Italian Fries with truffle salt, chucks of Parmesan and chives. We called ahead to the SMU Boulevard location to make sure the off-menu items actually exist, and they assured us that they do. Heck yes!

We ordered the Italian Fries and had a seat. Roughly 10 minutes later our food was ready.

A handful of fries with a few specks of thinly grated Parmesan cheese on top was sitting on the counter. Surely these couldn't be the fancy truffle salt and Parmesan fries we just paid $5 for. Where were the chives? The gooey Parmesan cheese? Turns out they "never ordered any chives since they didn't expect people to order these fries," the guy behind the counter explained.

Saddened by the dismal-looking basket, and the fact that the gourmet fries didn't taste much different from the normal $1.99 fries, we went ahead and order the Twisted Root Literal Fries. Surely these would be better.

Twenty minutes and a couple $1 draft PBRs later, our fries were ready. Out came a similar-looking basket, only this time there were tiny bits of blue cheese sprinkled about.

We poked around at them and left. Guess we should have gotten an on-the-menu item instead.

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Catherine Downes
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