Two Grilled Cheese Restaurants to Land in Dallas Area in Early 2015

By the end of January, folks who want to toss their New Year's resolutions in the trash will have two new places to do it. Earlier this year, news broke that Dallas Grilled Cheese Co. would be peddling melty, gooey cheese sandwiches in the Bishop Arts District. The restaurant devoted to every child's favorite sandwich should be open soon in the new year.

And now just before the year ends the folks behind Tom+Chee have announced they're giving Dallas another grilled cheese option. The chain restaurant will open its first local location in Richardson, also early next year.

Tom+Chee hopes to gain notice with an innovative take on the classic sandwich, going as far as using glazed and other doughnuts as a substitute for bread. Actually, things get totally weird as chocolate, blueberry compote, strawberries and other ingredients typically associated with dessert get buttered up, cheesed and served as a sandwich. Oh yes, and there's bacon.

Dallas Grilled Cheese Co., on the other hand, wants to comfort and soothe with a blast from the past. Expect cheese fused with Texas toast and served with a can of PBR, for instance. They'll open their doors in the Bishop Arts District on Seventh Street in the coming weeks, and there will be no doughnut abuse. There will be calories, though. You'll stick to your plan next year.

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