Uchi Announces Second Dallas Concept

Normally, I don't get very excited when concepts are announced long before they open. Uchi won the grand prize for forward-looking news releases when its PR machine started dive-bombing my inbox months before the restaurant opened its doors. The thing is, Uchi delivered, providing a top-notch dining experience in spite of all the hype.

So I savored the latest release like I would a delicate piece of uni, poring over every word. Top Knot is expected to open early next year. I talked to a spokesperson for the company, trying to coerce a man bun joke or two, but she would give me nothing. Details for the restaurant are still pretty hush-hush.

We do know that the space will be located over the current Uchi location on Maple Avenue. We also know that the upstairs restaurant will be considered more casual, feature sake on tap and offer small plates for sharing that draw on flavors inside and outside of the Asian repertoire.

As for the rest, the Uchi folks are leaving it up to your imagination. But I'm sure we'll have seven or eight more announcements through the end of the year, slowly teasing every last detail out.

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