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UK McDonald's Texas BBQ Ad Achieves Perfect Score in Annoying Texas Stereotyping

Another tiresome food trend to add to the Valhalla-like halls of the Museum of Annoying Food Trends: the Taste of Whatever City/Country.

Japan McDonald's Big America campaign, which attempted to surmise the taste of entire American locale between the crusty buns of a meatburger, did roughly the same. Now comes McDonald's new "Great Tastes of America" burger, available this week in the UK: the Texas BBQ sandwich. Hang on, let me de-saddle from my horseshoed pony for a minute and pull off the dusty trail.

The actual sandwich, shown above, looks pretty straightforward in its presentation. Then, there's the ad (below).

It's not just fast food: Top Chef: Texas and Geico are guilty of the arcane, hackneyed Texas themed ads (see: how many times Top Chef used the phrase "as big as Texas"). Sure, we've got plenty of ads right here in 'Merica that make people look like morons, but can we please -- once and for all -- drop the overplayed view of Texans as boot-stompin', saloon-fightin', chew-spittiin' folks?

And that Geico ad...

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