State Fair of Texas

Un-Fried at the Fair: Brain Freeze, Frogurt and Sweet Tea Pickles

We've talked a lot about the fried food coma the State Fair of Texas will be offering up this year, and we figure it's time we mention a couple of new vendors who are stepping up the unfried fair fare. (If only to ask them why they have yet to fry their slushies, yogurt and pickles. Seriously-- fry the fro-yo, y'all.)

Cassie Uptmore, owner of Cassie's Frozen Yogurt, will be bringing her chocolate, vanilla and cake batter frozen yogurts to the fair this year. Originally, Uptmore was planning on bringing red velvet frozen yogurt to the fair, but she's decided instead to "keep it simple this year ... We have a lot of different frozen yogurt flavors at our stores, but the chocolate and vanilla continue to be our best sellers."

Sounds good to me. Just promise us you'll bring fried red velvet frozen yogurt to next year's Big Tex Choice Awards.

In addition to the frozen yogurt, Uptmore will also be serving up strawberry lemonade sorbet, shaved ice, Kool-Aid pickles and sweet tea pickles.

Sweet tea pickles? "It's the same brining process we use with the Kool-Aid pickles, but we use sweet tea instead," Uptmore says. "I'm a pickle purist, but I love these."

Brain Freeze, another concession stand at the fair, offers fairgoers self-serve slushies in several different flavors (including strawberry, blue raspberry, sour apple, mango and bubble gum). It's basically the 7-Eleven of the fair. You buy a cup, fill it with whatever you want and enjoy.

Doug Haworth, owner of Brain Freeze, says that if you purchase a souvenir cup for $8, you get half-price refills whenever you want. Ever. Bring the souvenir cup back at any point during the this year's three-week fair run and you get half-price slushies. Bring it back next year for the same deal. Pretty awesome. (If you're into wasting any stomach space at the fair on something that isn't fried.) Wonder how much it costs to do a slushie version of a keg stand at this place? Someone open-mouth it at the bottom of one of those valves for me and find out.

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