Uncle Uber's Has a Terrible Name but a Pretty Good, and Pretty Cheap, Sandwich

This week, the Cheap Bastard heads into Deep Ellum for yupster-approved Uncle Uber's Sammich Shop.

Other people in front of me in line count: 5 Minutes from walking in door to putting really delicious food in my face: 4

So many things bothered me about the name of Uncle Uber's Sammich Shop that I've been avoiding it. First off, it's "sandwich," people. Not a "sammy" or a "sammich" or a "meat Oreo" or a "two-bread taco." "Sammich" sounds like something a baby-talking mom offers her shitty-at-walking-and-soon-to-also-be-shitty-at-talking-if-her-mom-keeps-teaching-her-cutesy-made-up-words toddler. When I say "sammich" aloud, it makes me feel like my mouth is punching my brain in the dick.

I thought maybe I was the only one bugged by the name of this place, so I invited some friends to come along with me to lunch. Every single person gave me the stinkface when I mentioned we'd be eating at Uncle Uber's Sammich Shop.

Their website argues that "sammich" is a "term for only the holiest and mightiest of all sandwiches. A sandwich is merely a snack, but a sammich is forever." Yeah, forever. Forever not a word. And is Uncle Uber a real dude? What jerk dad names a kid "Uber?" Hubert, fine. But Uber? I dunno, maybe the kid was the coolest person ever until he became an uncle and forgot how to spell. I ultimately decided it was worth trying out Uncle Uber's Sammich Shop, because, let's be honest, a lot of awesome things have shitty names (e.g. bologna, Google, rugby, Cheetos, gastropub, Oprah, halibut, boner, Downton Abbey).

I kept it simple (read: had a hangover) and ordered the grilled cheese plus chips and a drink. The sandwich was $5.29, which is definitely steep for melted cheese plus bread, but it was a pretty fancy grilled cheese, made with Provolone, roasted red peppers and garlic mayo on sourdough. Toasted, cheesy, buttery and delicious, this sandwich had everything you'd want from a fancy grilled cheese -- as long as you aren't a grilled cheese purist, hoping simply for buttered white bread, cheddar and more cheddar.

The food was great, easily worth the price, the service was friendly and fast, they offer beer and the atmosphere beat the shit out of Which Wich. Just refer to it as The Sandwiches And Beer Place or The Grilled Cheese Store or Food Mountain and you'll be fine.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.