Unknown Site Kunda Names Its Top Dallas Restaurants

Kunda. It's like a cross between a panda and kung fu. It's an ode to Kung Fu Panda, basically, but with a website that looks like it sells network solutions or technical writing services. Not really any of those, Kunda Eats is designed to be "a comprehensive resource to find the best dining experiences in various cities around the world that you may be visiting, either on business or vacation." So, a food blog, essentially.

But what I will say about Kunda is that unlike other, more local lists of Dallas' best restaurants, these folks seem to have hit all top-notch spots. There's no phoned-in Tex-Mex thrown in, for example (I'm looking at you, SideDish). I can usually spend an hour ranting about lists like these once they come out (Dallas Observer Best of excluded, of course), but I really have to say in this case, I agree.

Maybe there's some Nate Silver-style algorithm involved that crunches the numbers and determines the most talked-about spots. The site does scream "nerd" in a particularly palpable manner. And the Dallas page has a staggering list of "resources" broken out by city, so that might actually be the case. Who knows.

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Anyway, here's what that panda who does kung fu likes about Dallas:

Good 2 Go Taco

Il Cane Rosso


Mesa Veracruz Coastal Cuisine

Shinjuku Station

OK, so there's one outlier there, Shinjuku in Fort Worth. But otherwise the list is pretty legit, so maybe that says something about Shinjuku. Can anyone vouch for that place?

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