UNT's Edible Book Festival to Be Destroyed by City of Ate

On Monday, The University of North Texas will host its 10th annual Edible Books Festival, a local celebration of the international festival of the same name held. This mass gathering of nerds my fellow academics is perhaps the best excuse in existence to celebrate puns and shove cake down your throat until you can't breathe and that slick film of sugar forms on the roof of your mouth but you can't put the cake down because it's cake and you still have feelings for it.

There aren't really any strict rules and you don't have to pay to attend or enter your own amazing feat of calorie-laden punnery or even just show up and eat all of the things. You don't even have to register. The flier even says registration is "encouraged but not required," which is so Denton it hurts. What we have here is essentially what every graduate student dreams of when sleeping under a table in the library: an afternoon to gush over our favorite books and eat cake without fear of judgment. For free.

Past entries include the Red Fudge of Courage (self-explanatory), Naked Lunch (nude Barbie and Ken sitting their nasty plastic asses on top of a few sandwiches), Animal Farm (animal cracker graveyard type chocolate situation) and some giant white cake with its own recipe spelled out in blue frosting, contributing to this week's trend of food getting involved with food-flavored food. Entries don't have to be a cake or even a dessert, but why the fuck would you bring a not cake?

With some assistance from Gavin Cleaver, whom I messaged repeatedly while he was trying to do actual work at his adult person job, City of Ate is prepared to enter this contest and emerge victorious.

Our possibles:

Batch 22

A Tale of Two Cookies

Mr. Goodbar to a River

Loathsome Dove

Fahrenheit 350 (for 30 Minutes)

Bun Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Life of Pie

Yeast of Eden

Oliver Cheese Twist

Aesop's Fritters

Paradise Frost...ing

The Portrait of a Ladyfinger

Don Gateauxote

Lord of the Pies

The Old Marzipan and the Sea

The Taming of the Strudel

To Kill a Macaroon


The Beach... Cobbler

Watership Brownie

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