Sip on Something Beautiful at Up on Knox With Dani's Garden

This Up on Knox drink is simply built with complex ingredients.
This Up on Knox drink is simply built with complex ingredients. courtesy Tristin Westphal
Sometimes cocktails are just too pretty to drink. And then we drink them — because we're not monsters — and they taste just as good as they look. The perfect example: Dani's Garden at Up on Knox, the brass-heavy cocktail bar that took over the former Chili's space on Knox Street. Talk about an upgrade.

The cocktail's build is simple — just gin, citrus (yuzu), a touch of sweetness and cream — but what Up on Knox has done with the sweet element makes this a standout. The simple syrup is infused with a touch of basil to add a slight green note and herbaceousness, and the pepper notes are doubled down with actual black pepper. Shake in citrus for brightness and cream for richness, and you have yourself the perfect summer sip.

Dani's Garden ($13): Fords Gin, yuzu, basil black pepper syrup, cream
Up on Knox, 3230 Knox St. (Knox/Henderson)
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Susie Oszustowicz