Upcycled Beer Turns Grains into Granola Bars, a Trend Dallas Needs to Hop On

Daniel Kurzrock and Jordan Schwartz, two savvy economic majors at UCLA, wanted to find a way to repurpose the grains used in their home brews instead of throwing them in the dumpster or sending them to the cows).

So the pair of hopheads partnered with several area breweries and invented ReGrained granola bars. Ryhs Alvarado with SF Weekly explains: "In beer-making, malt, barley that has been soaked in water and dried with hot air, is the backbone of any brew and is the source of ReGrained's primary ingredient. Malting germinates the barley which creates the enzymes that enable the starch from the grain to be broken down into fermentable sugars. That barley is usually thrown out. That's where ReGrained comes in."

Kurzrock and Schwartz then craft recipes based on the beer flavor profile, so everything in the world is in harmony. Right now they sell a Honey Almond IPA Bar and a Chocolate Coffee Stout Bar.

There's a Kickstarter and hipster t-shirt just dying to be made here. Because of Texas cottage food laws, low-risk foods like this can be made out of the house, so there's no need to rent or install a big kitchen. And certainly there are some spent grains lying around.

Imagine grains used to make Lakewood Brewing Co's Temptress used for a chocolate and cherry granola bar. Or a Velvet Hammer off-the-trail bar? And we could get seasonal with a bevy of gourd-inspired beers; toss in some pumpkin seeds, and pow: Your stall at the farmers market will have a line a mile long.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.