Urban Acres Beats its Kickstarter Goal for Money to Open a Farm Stand

It was just back in July when LDD posted an article

about Urban Acre's plans

to open a farm stand with a cheese shop and café on the corner of Beckley Avenue and Greenbriar Lane. The space would allow them to sell more products from local farmers, and there was even a push to grow a few things of their own. Picture the buzzing beehive and gurgling pond feeding a hydroponic garden growing baby lettuces. Peaceful, right? (Unless you're allergic to bees.)

The Urban Acres folks set up a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of raising $30,000 -- not exactly chump change. If you're not familiar with Kickstarter, they let anyone sign up and then beg perfect strangers for money. If fundraiser achieves their goal and enough participants agree to pony up, the cash literally falls from the skies. If they don't, everyone walks away with a low-grade case of the sads.

Carnival Barker decimated their $4,000 goal, and Terra Tech Farms eked out a few dollars above their very precise $8,976 target.

And now Urban Acres has surpassed their goal as well. The deadline to commit contributions is August, 8, and they're currently at $31,139. This means we should be expecting a nifty farm stand in Oak Cliff sometime soon.

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