Urban Acres Looks to Kickstarter for New Farm Stand, Green House and Café

I realize that some of us are getting a wee bit tired of crowd sourcing campaigns, but this one is something we should all enthusiastically throw some weight behind. Local co-op and grocer Urban Acres is leasing a new space at the corner of Beckley Avenue and Greenbriar Lane and wants to transform the old gas station into an urban farm stand replete with a Texas cheese shop and farm-to-table cafe.

For the past few years, Urban Acres has been running their co-op program and small grocery store out of a spot on West Davis Street in Oak Cliff. Initially about 20 families signed up for the farm fresh produce co-op and now it have more than 2,000 members across the area.

Urban Acres is ready to grow and has an eye on expanding operations. In addition to the cafe, this new space just southwest of downtown would allow them to push more goods from local farmers and space to grow a few things of their own. The project includes a fishpond that will provide nutrients for a hydroponic garden, a green house and beehives perched atop the building to pollinate the garden and chicken coop where they will gather fresh eggs for the kitchen.

For this project, they've hit the Kickstarter highway to raise 30 grand for renovations. They call it "a revolution in local sustainable eating" and something that has never been done before in Dallas. And, if you give, you get gifts back.

The campaign ends on August 8.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.