Urban Dog Coffee Becomes Oak Lawn Coffee, Makes Over Its Space and Its Mission

Urban Dog Coffee got a new name and a facelift over the labor day weekend. While they're not quite finished with the work, the newly branded Oak Lawn Coffee has a new paint job and logo that give the space an entirely new feel.

Cool grays and blues have replaced a tired orange and brown color scheme, and towards the end of the month an art fixture will be installed over the bar. Local artist Phillip McVean is tasked with the permanent installation and plans to work in reclaimed lumber for the assignment.

The coffee shop still uses local bean roaster Oak Cliff Coffee, and works with Rush Patisserie to keep the front counter stocked with sandwiches and sweets. They still make a mean cup of ice coffee, cold brewed of course, and work with local artists to keep their walls filled with creativity.

They're also taking steps to reclassify the business as a tax-exempt non-profit. I spoke with manager Ryan Fisher, who said the move is an attempt to sow what they make back into the local community. "We want to make good money," he told me, "but we don't want to take larger paychecks, we want to build up the community as well".

Work on the shop is expected to be completed by the end of the month, but Fisher admitted the date is soft. They're working the project in phases to conserve money, while also dealing with city approval for new exterior signage.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.