Using Old-School Irish Recipes and Fire Brewing, This Keller Brewery Stands Out

In 2013, Dallas Observer first reported about Shannon Brewing Co. in Keller, one of the few breweries out in the Mid-Cities. Owner Shannon Carter uses his great grandfather's recipes from Ireland, which include an old-school fire-brewing process. While that sounds like fancy jargon brewers throw around to impress beer snobs, the result of Shannon Brewing's methods are beers that stand out in DFW.

Located on North Main Street near the intersection with FM 1709 and Keller Parkway, Shannon Brewing is hard to spot for those not used to making the trek. The parking lot is nothing more than open gravel and a BBQ food truck, but there's a large, dog-friendly patio. Inside, a small bar with two sets of taps churns out flights, pints and growler fills.  For those who don't remember to bring a growler, Shannon Brewing also sells six-packs.

Shannon Brewing has four core beers, in cans and kegs, year-round: an Irish red, American blonde, an IPA and a chocolate stout. The Irish red, which checks in at 5.5 ABV, is a sweeter red than what many DFW breweries offer, but what really makes this beer stand out is its malty smell, taste and aftertaste. It's a straightforward beer that appeals to fans of malt-first beers. Like most craft brewers, Shannon has its own take on an IPA; checking in at 5.6 ABV, Shannon's is maltier than most local versions, which might make it more appealing to those put off by the typical hoppiness of IPAs. Shannon's chocolate stout, 5.7 ABV, is another brew that could win converts. Its has a light chocolate flavor and clear coffee taste and aroma and is less heavy than other local stouts.

The star of the show is Shannon Brewing's All-American Blonde. Only 5.3 ABV, the light-bodied blonde is exceptional in taste, even if the aftertaste is lightly sour. For those who want a good poolside craft beer, this is it. And as a nice charitable side-note, all July profits from the All-American Blonde go to the Wounded Warriors program and other charities helping veterans.

For beer drinkers in the Mid-Cities, Shannon Brewing is a fine addition to the limited number of craft brewers in their neck of the woods. The taproom is open Thursday through Sunday for anyone who wants a taste of Irish, fire-brewed beers without crossing the Atlantic.

Shannon Brewing818 N. Main St., Keller
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Brent Nuss
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