Vegans Protest Downtown McDonald's; Voice Opposition to the Egg McMuffin

The newest McDonald's opened today in the West End in a fury of scampering commuters, El Centro students seeking to get amped up on coffee before class and Eddie Garza whose Dallas Mercy for Animals staged a protest.

Remember Eddie Garza: He wrote the Vegan Guy for City of Ate. Being a vegan and an animal rights activist, Garza is no stranger to controversy, but today he was met with smiling faces as he and the handful of volunteers passed out wedges of their vegan answer to the Egg McMuffin.

Taking a line from McDonald's own ad campaign Garza beamed as he stated, ""People are lovin' it! These vegan "McMuffins" show that we can enjoy delicious meals without supporting egregious animal cruelty. Eggs used at McDonald's come from hens crammed in tiny wire cages so small they cannot spread their wings, walk, or engage in other basic behaviors. These birds are given less space than a notebook-size piece of paper to live before being violently killed."

Passersby enjoyed the free munchies and the complimentary Vegan Starter Kits.

"I am always up for free food, and these guys are fun. I am not sure I agree with everything they say, but it is something to think about. Makes me wonder about where our food comes from," said Marjorie Cummings as she made her way to the DART stop located across from McDonald's.

The protest didn't affect the brisk business at McDonald's whose management refused to comment on the gathering. Local police kept their distance, but their presence was enough to ensure the peace would be kept.

As for Garza's next public foray, look for his group at the first annual Texas State Veggie Fair to be held October 16 at 406 N. Haskell. Wonder if it's a protest against this year's Big Tex Choice Award winner--the fried frito pie. Though no hens were harmed in the making of those pies.

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