Veggie Guy: Good 2 Go Taco

Omnivores often ask me why I've chosen to live a vegan lifestyle in Dallas. They're always trying to ship me off to some other city like Austin.

But why would I wanna leave? I love Dallas. Plus, vegans shouldn't have to relocate just because another place might seem more fitting. I mean, we don't suggest our steak-eating pals pack up and move to Argentina, do we?

Well, at least not to their faces.

But the best part about staying the course in Dallas is that veganism here is still such a fresh concept. Each time I turn the corner, something new is cookin' for us veg-heads. My latest vegan food find: Good 2 Go Taco at The Green Spot.

Good 2 Go Taco opened a little less than a month ago and is headed by native Texan Jeana Johnson, and Ohio transplant, Colleen O'Hare. These ladies are smart, crafty, and they don't run their taco stand like a typical taqueria.

Instead, the menu changes daily, and you'll always find vegan-friendly tacos on the board. Veg-taco offerings might include Soyrizo with tofu scramble, bulgar with sweet corn and tomatoes, millet with veggies and sweet pepper vinaigrette, and chile relleno with soy cheese, tomatoes, and bulgar. Last Friday's veggie tacos were composed of tempura portobello cuts with brown rice, spinach, and tomatillo. On Saturday, they served tofu scramble with spinach, onions, tortilla cuts, poblano peppers, and zucchini with red salsa.

The girls put some serious thought into their veggie creations (notice all the high-protein fillings). And that makes sense, considering they both come from culinary backgrounds. Johnson did her training at El Centro, and O'Hare is a self-taught chef who's held positions at the Green Room, Toulouse, and Kitchen 1924.

Just don't expect any frills here. Good 2 Go Taco is located in the far back corner of a bio-fuel station, after all. And we like it that way. When placing your to-go order, you'll be handed a Chalupa card with a number on it. Once your tacos are ready, your number will be called, and you can pick up your tacos and pay at the main register...along with your fuel.

And Johnson and O'Hare aren't ashamed to call a spade a spade--or shall I say a diablo a diablo. They know the simple concept of good tacos on-the-go makes Dallas eaters giddy like school girls.

Well, vegans aren't so different. We're crazy about tacos, too. And I've gotta say the tacos at Good 2 Go Taco are off the effing chain! Yeah--better than any I've had in Austin.

So I'm stayin' in Dallas. And you meat-eaters better get used to it.

Good 2 Go Taco
702 N. Buckner Blvd. (inside the Green Spot)

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.