Veggie With A View

The days of vegetarian's blah reputation is fading fast. No longer are veggie lovers limited to greens and sides when they eat at mainstream restaurants. And now chef Anthony Bombaci of Nana in the Hilton Anatole (2201 Stemmons Freeway) has done his part to stamp out those pitiful "rabbit food" jokes forever by creating two high-end, meat-free menus.

Not just a few odd "vegetarian lasagna"-style items, either. His menu feature a seven-course and ten-course sampling, along with professional wine pairings.

The vegan menu includes carrot marmalade served with passion fruit granite and peanuts, along with some unusual selections: cucumber spaghetti with pistachio gravel, scallions and sesame seeds, for instance. The lacto-ovo vegetarian list brings Manchego and Idiazabal cheese into the mix, served with a carrot-mandarin marmalade and arugula selvetta in one example. Desserts include ruby red grapefruit with cashews, white chocolate, coconut and cilantro.

The seven-course menu is $85 per person, $121 with wine selections. The ten-course menu is $100 per person, $145 with wine selections. Reservations are suggested. Call 214.761.7470.

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