Velvet Taco Blogging Frenzy: Don't Believe the Hype

Bloggers be crazy. Myself included.

Pegasus threw up a headline yesterday announcing that the much-hyped Velvet Taco restaurant (destined to become a soul-sucking chain) is open. The story itself says the restaurant will open this weekend, and links to a series of other stories drinking the PR Kool-aid (OMG TACOS ARE COMING!!!). One of those stories, at EscapeHatchDallas, lists today's lunch service as Velvet's opening. He also posts a YouTube video of executive chef John Franke pouring a viscous cheese sauce all over a taco. Purists be damned!

I called co-owner Mark Brezinski to confirm the opening date. Turns out it's still soft as a hand-made tortilla. Could be Thursday. Could be this weekend. Who knows. (Turns out opening a restaurant is actually kind of hard.) Sit tight for now and don't make the drive, or you'll be disappointed. There will be plenty of "world changing" tacos to come soon enough.

Perhaps commercialized fast-casual taco restaurants will be the new burger shop? The Nation's Capitol sent Dallas Five Guys, and SmashBurger made its way from Denver. Could Dallas be sending a regionally ambiguous taco up north in return? And if City of Ate's Alice Laussade can have fun with the sexually suggestive Fuzzy Taco, what's she gonna do with this name?

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.