Victoria's Mexican Grill in Oak Cliff Now Open

Victoria's Mexican Grill at 607 Willomet Ave. just off of Davis Street in Oak Cliff has finally opened. Last summer owner Jorge Flores started refurbishing this two-story house and has since transformed it into a quaint spot with two huge patios.

I spoke with the manager today, Maria Perez, who said those fantastic wraparound patios, upstairs and downstairs, will soon both be open, but for now they're only seating people upstairs. There are also dining rooms on both floors.

The menu is straight Tex-Mex fare, and all the food from the salsa to the beans are made in-house from scratch daily (minus the tortillas). They also make the house piña coladas from scratch -- well, using fresh fruit, not distilling liquor in the back, you silly head.

In addition to the popular Corona tipped over in a large margarita, Victoria's also has a sangria version. Perez assures me they are "really ... good." (Slow for emphasis.)

Victoria's opens for lunch every day at 11 a.m., at which time happy hour stars and lasts until 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. Each day they'll have a different lunch specials and on Sundays will have brunch.

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