It takes some serious stretching to make these bicolor croissants.EXPAND
It takes some serious stretching to make these bicolor croissants.
Kathy Tran

Ever Wonder How Bisous Bisous Makes Those Colorful Croissants?

Bisous Bisous Pâtisserie, Uptown's French-style bakery and sweet treat shop, specializes in some delicate, time-intensive desserts, including its popular macarons. On a recent visit, we watched the process behind the new bicolor pistachio croissants, which come stuffed with a touch of pistachio cream.

This video will make you want to sit in front of Bisous Bisous at a little table eating croissants and sipping espresso while you watch the world go by. Trust us: These $4 pistachio-packed baked goods are well worth the calories.

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Bisous Bisous Pâtisserie, 3700 McKinney Ave.

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