Wash Down Ten 50 BBQ's Smoked Meat With a Mango Margarita

Man-go-go-go to Ten 50 for a little agave lovin'.
Man-go-go-go to Ten 50 for a little agave lovin'. Scott Mitchell
One of the best days of the year is coming up Monday. No, not Christmas or Labor Day or your birthday (like we'd know when that is); it's National Tequila Day. We're getting buzzed just thinking about all the agave goodness coming our way — because it's perfectly OK to have one four tequila drinks at lunch when it's a national holiday all about the spirit.

Luckily, we found a place that can help you soak up all that spirited fun with its amazing barbecue. Ten 50 BBQ's mango margarita ($10) will be our poison this Monday. It combines Cointreau, mango, basil and housemade sweet-and-sour mix and adds Patrón Silver Tequila for a smooth, fruity finish.

If celebrating a tequila holiday on a Monday night doesn't work for you, worry not: This is on Ten 50's permanent menu.

Ten 50 BBQ, 1050 N Central Expy., Richardson

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