First Look

Way Out West For Meatless Monday

I'm an unflinchingly loyal Fuzzy's fangirl. The bright pops of neon on the aluminum walls, the funky T-shirts, the large souvenir cups (which make up my entire drinkware collection), the feta on everything -- I'm completely drunk on the marketing Kool-Aid.

So when I sauntered into the newest location on Decatur's downtown square, still in soft opening mode, I was shocked to find out I didn't even know they served grilled veggie tacos. I already had my heart set on a basket full of tempura fish Baja tacos, so I planned my rapid return. And return I did to do Meatless Monday some justice and give one of my favorite places a shot on the most challenging of days.

Considering that the ink on the lease probably is still wet, I was impressed with how hiccup-free the service was. Soft openings are always a bit of a crap shoot. Either someone's angry teenage nephew is allowed to run the register or the kitchen just does not have its shit together yet. That wasn't the case at the wildly popular chain's newest venture in Wise County.

Back to the tacos. The words "it's Monday" are on repeat in my head and I gently resist shredded pork. Grilled veggie tacos it is. They were delicious. Zucchini and carrots are julienned and grilled with the house garlic sauce, topped with black beans loaded into a corn tortilla. Add lettuce, cheese, cilantro, tomatoes and feta on top and the Baja taco is born. And then destroyed, because I was starving. For $1.99 per taco, this is a lunch no-brainer.

Oh, and they serve booze and have 12 giant televisions playing various sports and Life Alert commercials. I call that one hell of a way to spend Meatless Monday.

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Sara Blankenship
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