We Have Passes for the MasterChef Audition This Saturday

This Saturday (October 27), FOX is holding a casting call for season four of MasterChef at the Le Cordon Bleu of Dallas (11830 Webb Chapel Road). This is one of about a dozen casting calls across the country as they try to 18 find amateur cooks for the show.

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A few weeks back we had a Q&A with the casting director for MasterChef and she explained a little more about what they're looking for and what the contestants should expect at the casting call. Basically you need to be yourself, but make sure that it's your exciting self because you'll only have one shot to woo them. Plus, you need to bring one plate of food that best represents you. No pressure.

If you're seriously interested in attending the casting call, we have three passes to jump to the front of the line on Saturday. Just email me (by clicking my name at the top of this post) by Thursday at 5 p.m. Tell me about the dish you plan on taking and we'll contact the winners, based on who's emails we like the best, by Friday afternoon.

Be sure to visit this site for all the details regarding the casting call.

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