We Still Like Hamburgers and Fried Things, According to This Week In Food Blog Land

This week, the food media saw plenty of ungodly fried things, men who like burgers and more chocolate and crepes than you could ever want (though not in the same place, unfortunately.) Read on.

City of Ate/Observer Scott Reitz offered his opinion of The Grape, saying that restaurants are supposed to be about the experience you get there, not just what's served. The chacuterie board may be average, but you know that homey neighborhood feeling? That's what makes it great. Plus the red fish and the burger.

Amid the feathers and innards stink, Alice Laussade found an acceptable hamburger and crunchy onion rings at Mr. Charlies.

foodbitch headed to the Dallas Chocolate Conference in Dallas, where she developed a case of the chocolate sweats. After she toweled off, she got interviews with chocolate maker Art Pollard (Amano Artisan Chocolate) and chocolatier Andrea Pedraza (CocoAndré Chocolatier).

Scott also had a charming feature about Terrili's, the beloved Italian restaurant on Greenville Avenue that burned down nearly a year and a half ago. Terrili's is supposed to reopen tonight.

Alice presented the eight finalists for the 2011 Big Tex Choice Awards. Among the fried salsa and fried bubblegum lurks a taco salad inside a chip bag. There's also a picture of fried biscuits and gravy, plus and info on the guy who fried salsa.

Side Dish/D Men's Health is launching a search for the Manliest Restaurant in America, which -- wait, what? Why? Anyway, Maple & Motor and Bob's Steakhouse are in the top 45.

Chef Blythe Beck will leave Central 214 at the end of September to pursue her own mysterious personal project.

Pegasus News Someone ranked Chili's above Potbelly Sandwich Works when they made a list of the top chain restaurants. I mean, I don't mind the article. I can deal with chain restaurants because, well, I'm not a gigantic snob. But Chili's as no.1? Really?

Remember that law we were all excited about because it made selling homemade baked goods legal? It went into effect yesterday.

If you have found yourself at Watter's Creek needing a crepe, know that the gods have heard you. Frogg Café, serving crepes and presumably other things, is one of the six new tenants at Watters Creek.

Escape Hatch Dallas Following news of Chef Beck's departure, EscapeHatch reported rumors that former Top Chef contestants will take turns filling in for her. Following that news, a note from a publicist said that all ideas are just concepts right now, but there will definitely be a chef of some sort in the kitchen.

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