We Suggest You Chase That Raw Chicken with Fried TUMS

This week in blogs, we ate raw chicken while Fat Hos tried out UNT's vegan options, Nancy Nichols reminded us why she doesn't like Hanna Raskin, and two Dallas reality stars got eliminated. Now our reality fame is up to Most Eligible Dallas, making for a very dismal week, indeed.

City of Ate Scott Reitz found little more than a heart attack at Heart Attack Grill. Mostly, it was gray patties, frozen fries, cement milkshakes and plenty of humiliation, all smothered in undue pride and looming failure.

For Lauren Drewes Daniels, the fatter and ho-ier the burger, the better. At her visit to Fat Ho this week, she found a mighty fine burger amid all the wordplay.

On the other side of the coin (and the area), Seth Cohn enjoyed a variety of vegan choices at UNT's newly renovated Mean Green cafeteria.

Jenny Block catches up with Todd Moore to talk about his pampered cows and all the dairy greatness that comes out of Lucky Layla Farms. Treat a cow right, and she'll reward you with great product. Let it sit in its own shit on the concrete, and you get what you deserve.

Scott and Esquire say that eating raw chicken might not be the worst idea ever.

Our countdown to the State Fair of Texas is officially on. Alice Laussade wrote about it last year and got nominated for a James Beard Award, making everyone else in the state underqualified to tell us about fried novelties. We don't know the winners of the Tex Choice Awards yet, but we know it won't be fried caffeine or fried biscuits and gravy. We're keeping our fingers crossed for fried TUMS.

Side Dish First reported by Eater Dallas (well, actually, Seattle Weekly, but you know what I mean) former Observer food critic Hanna Raskin made a comment about how "the imagined relationship between rigorous professional criticism and good food doesn't hold up," citing "ruthless" Dallas critics and the subpar food they review as an example. Those same ruthless critics didn't take it well.

John Tesar is throwing a Hater's Party to celebrate his cover story in the September issue of D Magazine. The article follows Tesar around to find out why he is the most hated chef in Dallas. Maybe we'll even learn why he hates those "fucking terrible" white sweaters so much.

Pegasus News Teresa Gubbins reported that Blitz's Sports Bra and Grill is opening in Garland, directly in front of a ton of George Bush Turnpike construction. They're opening up in a place that used to be a Luby's. You'll be suffocating in breasts and a plate of Olympic Onion Rings where your grandma used to eat fried okra and blue Jell-O. Stay classy, Garland.

If Dallas has anything else to believe in, it's not NOSH's Carrie Keep or Lina Biancamano, formerly of Stephen Pyles. Both got kicked off their reality shows -- Hell's Kitchen and Top Chef: Just Desserts, respectively -- this week.

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