Weather Freezes Plans for Wing Eating Contest Tonight

If you'd planned to drink free wine at Sigel's tasting event this afternoon, or meet up with Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples at the Walmart near Cowboys Stadium, forget it: Those events have been canceled in deference to the weather. A number of local restaurants and coffee shops are also sitting out the snow day (If you're headed out to eat, it's probably wise to call first.)

But the fate of Wingstop's wing eating championship, scheduled to draw some of the biggest names in competitive eating to Victory Park tonight, still hasn't been decided.

"We are trying to find out if the competitors were able to make it into Dallas before the storm hit," spokesperson Leah Templeton e-mails.

Templeton hoped to have further information available later this morning. We'll keep you posted.

**UPDATE**: Just got the word from Templeton: The contest is off. Wingstop hopes to reschedule at a later date.


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