Wednesday Ground 'Round: Take Your Pick

What do McDonald's and booger-tainted food have in common? They're both discussed in this week's roundup, of course!

  • Depending on where you live, serving a booger sandwich might be a felony. Slate reports that food tampering laws vary from state to state, but in North Carolina--where that instant-classic Youtube clip was taped--everyone's favorite Domino's employees could face felony charges and up to a year in prison. The pair, who maintain that the tainted sandwich was never sent out, are stuck either way. Knowingly misleading the public about tainted food in NC carries up to five years.
  • McDonald's remains America's number one fast-food (or "quick service," if you prefer) destination, according to a report released by Experian. The nine-page Powerpoint presentation, available here, ranks each chain by popularity and also each chain's previous standing going back to 2004. Mainstays like McDonald's and Burger King retained a firm grip on the top spots--and over all, the top 10 spots don't see much change. Plenty of shuffling goes on further down the list, however, where Jamba Juice and Chipotle jumped 30 and 20 spots, respectively, during the five-year period ending 2008. With malls and shopping centers closing down around the country, it should be interesting to survey the same landscape again in a couple of years.
  • Ruby's Pub--it's in Iowa--posted a list (always popular) titled "The 86 Rules of Boozing." They're all pretty common-sensical, but number 33 bears repeating: "The only thing that tastes better than free liquor is stolen liquor." Although, if you steal a case of Coors Light...

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.