What To Do if You Forgot To Make a Valentine's Day Dinner Reservation

I know you. You're the guy who's crowding the Target card aisle last minute, sifting through the leftover cards and trying to find something clever that resonates with the way you feel about your one true love. You're going to pick up fresh flowers after, right? Except the florists have all been worked over, so you have to go with 12 roses out of a bucket from some corner sale on Ross Avenue. You at least made a dinner reservation ...

Dude? Really?

Don't worry. There's still time to save the evening. These plans may or may not work -- it depends on whether or not you've got the finesse to pull them off -- but they're worth a try.

First, just because you don't have a reservation at your favorite restaurant doesn't mean you can't eat there. Pick up the phone and call them. Or just go sit at the bar. Chances are you'll be able to get a seat if you try, and bars make for romantic eating. It's nice to sit next to a date instead of across from them.

Of course, not all dates will be OK with bar-top dining, so if you want a table you might try one of these last-minute restaurant ideas.

Nova I've spent plenty of time gushing about some of the bar snacks served at Nova but they cook some great dinner plates as well. Tonight they're serving up your choice of a grass fed veal chop or some massive scallops. The meal costs $50, which seems reasonable, and most of the regulars eat at the bar so you've got a good chance at scoring a table.


Sakhuu Kyla Phomsavanh from Sakhuu says they're open for business just like any other night. They don't have a single reservation on the books, but do expect the neighborhood locals to show up for dinner. Still, I think you've got a good chance at slipping into this East Dallas Thai restaurant without a problem.


TJ's Seafood Taking a date to a seafood market may sound risky, but I think you can pull this off. The market has an excellent wine program and some of the best oysters to be had in Dallas.

If you haven't heard the bivalves are supposed to be an aphrodisiac. If you seriously read this article because you fumbled on your Valentine's planning, you're going to need all the help you can get.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.