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Whataburger Condiments Now Available At Grocery Stores

It was just over a year ago that Whataburger announced what turned out to be the temporary demise of its popular Spicy Ketchup. The company held a contest to give away the last case of the oh-so-slightly piquant condiment, under the guise that we might never see it again.

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And then this March, Spicy Ketchup returned through a limited batch release, which stoked the fires for rabid fans who missed the stuff. It's turned out to be a big marketing schtick for the release of Whataburger condiment available for retail purchase at H-E-B grocery stores.

Spicy Ketchup fans no longer need to stockpile U-Hauls full of small condiment containers to get their fix. Both the spicy and original "Fancy" versions are now available for purchase in 20-ounce bottles. There's Original Mustard in 16-ounce bottles, too.

Need something to squirt them on? Later this summer, H-E-B is also launching "Whatafries." They aren't french fries but a potato chip version of the french fry, cut from real potatoes and available and sold in a bag. I wonder how long before someone turns one of the sacks into a walking taco.

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