Whataburger Cuts Back on Breakfast Thanks to Egg Shortage

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It is (probably) in the Texas Constitution that the citizens of this fine state have access to Whataburger’s unparalleled breakfast menu after 11 p.m., which is why so many of us have vivid memories of drunken gluttony tinged with the shine of those white and orange lights. Regrettably, we must inform you that your after-11 revelry will no longer include a honey butter chicken biscuit, at least not for the foreseeable future.

Yesterday, Instagram user @ohitsmattsmith posted a photo of a sign taped in the drive-thru window of the Whataburger location at Midway and Park in Carrollton: 

A call to the manager on duty at the location confirmed the sign’s existence. The new breakfast hours would be in place “until further notice,” and apply to all Whataburgers nationwide. But on a midnight trip to the Whataburger on Montfort in Addison this week — for journalism, don’t judge — taquitos and B.O.Bs were still definitely on offer. Once supplies at your location are depleted, though, there’s no telling how long it will be until we can get our late-night drunk munchies at Whataburger.

WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO #eggshortage #latenightwhataburger

A photo posted by Matt Smith (@ohitsmattsmith) on

According to the New York Times, Whataburger’s egg shortage is a result of a particularly deadly and contagious strain of avian flu. Hens that produce eggs have been one of the hardest-hit populations — 87 percent of the birds affected by the virus are laying hens. Some experts consider the current avian flu outbreak to be the largest in American history, with more than 40 million birds affected in 14 states. Avian flu doesn’t survive in high temperatures, so the coming summer months may quickly alleviate the egg shortage, but scientists still aren’t entirely sure how the disease spreads.

Other fast food companies, like McDonald’s, are seeking out “egg alternatives” and other vendors, but Whataburger will only continue to serve eggs as long as their supplies last. As a silver lining, the fact that Whataburger isn’t willing to substitute Frankenfood “egg product” for the real thing should be reassuring to those of us who consume at least half of our body weight in Whataburger each year.

Here’s hoping that the National Sausage Egg And Cheese Biscuit Crisis of 2015 is over swiftly. We’ll keep you posted. 

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.