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What's In Your Refrigerator?

An article in The New York Times has me thinking about the contents of my refrigerator again. The last time we looked in my icebox an empty cardboard six-pack holder of light beer and withered strawberries graced the shelves.

Not much has changed since August. The strawberries are gone, replaced by a small container of organic whipping cream I bought for coffee when my mother visited. She was here in October. There's a half-eaten chocolate toffee thing and a few more empty six-pack holders now, too. My fridge is a mini food desert.

According to the Times, you guys have eggs and cheddar cheese in your fridge. The article picks apart a report released by The NPD Group, which surveyed 3,000 households to compile a picture of the modern American pantry. Yogurt and soy sauce were two other popular items. Mincemeat was listed as an item nine out of 10 Americans never keep in their pantry. Though that fact strikes me as pretty obvious.

What's in your refrigerator? Not a comprehensive list of the entire contents, but instead, those few staples you're quick to replace when they run out. Complete the sentence you know you've uttered at least a handful of times when you open your refrigerator door: "Shit, we're out of ... "

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