What's Next, White Tablecloths? Lee Harvey's Starts Serving Steak Dinners

Lee Harvey's is venturing into knife-and-fork territory with a new steak entrée.

The 10-ounce rib eye, priced at $14.99, is served with fries. The bar's also adding a fried shrimp basket to its popular menu of sandwiches, burgers and tacos.

"I just felt like we needed to do something different," general manager Jimmy Sinclair says.

Sinclair's also stuck chicken tortilla soup on the menu, although the kitchen's been making it for months: Sinclair suspects most regulars didn't realize it wasn't an official menu item.

According to Sinclair, Lee Harvey's used to serve an 8-ounce steak for lunch, but "that was a long time ago." The new steak's bigger and, he says, better.

"It's certified Angus beef," he explains.


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