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Where Michelle Obama Should Eat in Dallas

The First Lady is headed to Dallas next week. A news release posted to the White House press page details the schedule for Michelle Obama's three-day trip, which will celebrate the anniversary of her Let's Move! initiative. She'll spend Thursday evening and Friday morning in the DFW area, meeting with school representatives, parents and other notables.

Both Michelle and her husband are known for a passionate love of food, and have been spotted indulging all facets of dining, from humble grease pits to the nation's finest restaurants. Since she's spending a full day in the DFW area, we thought we'd offer some dining recommendations.

Michele has been spotted at enough burger restaurants that she's actually received some negative attention from critics, who say she preaches healthy eating but then overindulges greasy chow.

Don't worry, Michelle. Texas is the last state that would judge you for eating an oily gut bomb. Might you try Tim's Love Shack while you're out in Fort Worth? The burgers are solid and they've got a great deal on canned beer.

For dinner here in Dallas, we think Michelle should head to Smoke, in Oak Cliff. While Texas is known for barbecue, it doesn't have to be served out of a divey grease-pit. Tim Byres can show the First Lady honest Texas cooking with a level of refinement we know she'll appreciate.

If that's not her cup of tea, she might try Bolsa. The restaurant has built its reputation on cooking with fresh, local ingredients that would resonate with Michelle's healthy initiatives. Either way, area chefs better watch out. The First Lady has to dine somewhere in Dallas, and an Obama endorsement has been known to drive foodie followers for months.

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