Where to Take Your Dallas Dad on Father's Day That Won't Just Ruin His Weekend

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This Father's Day (it's next Sunday, folks), thank your Dad. No, for real. Like, don't get him a tie and take him out to a silly meal he'll forget before he gets to the last stanza of that terrible Hallmark card. Instead, really, really show him you appreciate him by proving you know what kind of man he is. Then, follow that up with a meal he'll actually want to eat.

Here are five fine examples.

Your dad is a man's man. Pop in to Hypnotic Donuts before taking in a game. Sure, folks are fond of the Canadian Healthcare (bacon tends to win fans for some reason) and there's a donut-donut hole combo called the Boo Bee that looks remarkably like a certain part of a lady's anatomy, but the real must-order here are the chicken biscuits. As for the game, that's your choice: go bowling, watch some ESPN at a local watering hole, or toss around the football in the backyard. Whatever feels fatherly.

Your dad is well-traveled. Book a reflexology appointment at Foot Joy & brunch at PakPao Thai. This is no soft, zen-like massage for pussies. There's a lot more smacking, grunting and outright shoving than you'd imagine going on at Foot Joy. It's not for the faint of foot. Or back, or even buttocks, quite honestly. Anyway, all that necessary roughness will help you work up an appetite for something deliciously international, and PakPao Thai is just the place to satisfy that. Head over to the Design District and check out what's new from new Chef Jet Tila. Who's your bida?

Your dad is a fancy pants. Warm up with shave at The Boardroom & brunch at Fearing's. Show your father you've grown into quite the gentleman. A traditional hot lather shave will relax away his worries, and may even make him forget that he still pays for your car insurance. Then head to Fearing's inside the Ritz-Carlton where you'll each have your choice of either megachef Dean Fearing's "The Whole Enchilada" brunch or an award-winning Coopers' Father-Son BBQ brunch, featuring three courses each. The best part is that Fearing's is laid back fancy, so Dad can relax in his relaxed fits while he dines on decidedly Texan goodness. Here's hoping those fancy pants are also roomy. Pleats, anyone?

Your dad doesn't own a pair of fancy pants. Go for a round at Top Golf & a round belly courtesy of Pecan Lodge. Maybe your dad likes to golf. Or maybe he's always wanted to try his hand at swinging a club. Perhaps he just likes being outdoors and drinking beers. An early morning set at Top Golf is fun for all of the above, and you'll end up ready to eat some lunch either way. The newly relocated Pecan Lodge BBQ in Deep Ellum is nothing short of a dream Father's Day meal. Brisket, beef ribs, sausage, pulled pork and all the sides you'd expect from a place that's consistently cited among the best. Like, in the world. Warning: do NOT reverse the order for this one. Nobody's gonna be swinging anything but a hammock with a tummy full of that 'cue, because meat sweats.

Your dad is an animal lover. Dive into the Dallas World Aquarium & oysters at TJ's Seafood Market. If you have to replace pa's wallet with a box of tissues when that darn SPCA commercial featuring Sarah McLachlan's "Angel" comes on, you might have an animal lover on your hands. Even folks who aren't super into sealife find plenty to love at the Dallas World Aquarium, though. Penguins, sloths, monkeys, and maybe even a tiger joins birds, bugs and plenty of fish on display at the aquarium. And if all those exotic aquatics give you a hankering for fresh fish of the eatin' sort, TJ's Seafood Market on Oak Lawn will satisfy you. Pick a fish, any fish, and they'll cook it up to order in any number of preparations. Surprise Dad by starting off with a dozen oysters on the half shell complemented by the perfect white wine. He'll be impressed, and you won't be disappointed.

Don't want to pigeonhole your dear old dad into some sort of typecast box? No worries; these suggested activities and meals can be mixed, matched and tailored to suit. Just do yours a favor and don't phone in Father's Day this year. A little effort could really make his day.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.