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Which Wich Kicks Off Rare Menu Expansion By, First, Expanding to 14-Inch Wiches

Which Wich, the sandwich chain born in downtown Dallas, announced yesterday it's expanding its menu for the first time in seven years -- and in its first phase, that expansion is literal.

No longer will you have to lie to the cashier about that "friend" waiting outside for whom you're ordering a second grape-jelly-and-Cheez-Wiz sandwich just like yours -- now you can just get one twice as big.

In the first step of the menu expansion, Which Wich 'wiches, till now limited to a paltry seven inches, will be available in new 10-and-a-half and 14-inch sizes. Additionally, the sandwich eatery will offer beverages in a new 32-ounce tub.

"People have been asking for larger sandwiches for a long time," says Which Wich communications director Jennifer Chininis.

One new option is to forgo toasting the sandwich altogether. Another carb-conscious option, the "breadless bowl," is still in test markets. It has all the same fixings of your regular Which Wich sandwich on a bed of lettuce. "Low-carb seems so five years ago, but a lot of people have gluten intolerance as well," Chininis said.

"The thing we strive to provide is customization. It's just one more way you can customize your, quote, 'sandwich.'"

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