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Whisk Crêpes Café Now Open in Sylvan 30

The Sylvan 30 development saw the birth of its latest restaurant yesterday, when Whisk Crépes Cafe opened its doors for the first time. The weather was outstanding, and a propped open front door gave the small cafe an airy feeling.

Owner Julien Eelsen was on hand, donning an apron and doling out instructions in his mellifluous French accent. His restaurant was obviously still settling in as far as service goes, but the tiny dining room was filled with what looked like very satisfied faces.

I opted for a plain ham and cheese, which with a Perrier set me back $10. My nose told me, however, that the majority of Eelsen's customers were opting for sweet concoctions, as the air was filled with the scents of chocolate, fruit and sweet batter. The most popular order, at least according to my non-scientific table survey, was the s'mores crepe topped with chocolate and marshmallows toasted by Eelsen's blow torch.

More restaurants are expected to open here soon, including Taco Deli and Houndstooth. The recent additions, along with Ten Ramen and CiboDivino, make Sylvan 30 one of the most interesting new developments in Dallas as far as restaurant selection goes. While most new construction projects go with safe bets and lease to large corporate chains, Sylvan 30 has embraced many small, local businesses, filling the area with unique dining experiences.

Whisk Crêpes Café, 1888 Sylvan Ave., 469-353-9718
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