Whiskey Hatchet Brings Ax-Throwing to Deep Ellum Alongside Creative Cocktails

Hit the ax-throwing with confidence, eh?
Hit the ax-throwing with confidence, eh? courtesy of Whiskey Hatchet
The way this year has gone, we all need to blow off a little steam, and a motley crew is opening a new bar in Deep Ellum Friday to give us that exact opportunity.

A lawyer, an accountant and a former U.S. Army officer have put together Whiskey Hatchet, where people can throw axes and enjoy decent whiskey.

We've seen ax-throwing bars, but I'm personally excited about this one. It's not just a place for the cutting-edge sport, but it will also be a destination to watch sports and get a thoughtful cocktail that just happens to be in a lodge-inspired setting.

They promise to provide their ax-wielding patrons a large whiskey selection and craft beers along with some enticing sounding cocktails.

Some signature options that have me excited are the lemon-honeysuckle Old Fashioned, Shut Up Meg (an Empress Gin and grapefruit slant on a bee's knees) and That's What She Said (tequila and orange bell pepper). But a whiskey on the rocks just feels right here, especially when you're wearing plaid and holding an ax.

click to enlarge Ax throwing can be called cardio, right? - COURTESY OF WHISKEY HATCHET
Ax throwing can be called cardio, right?
courtesy of Whiskey Hatchet
The team bringing us Whiskey Hatchet consists of Ryan Lavernia (the lawyer), Clay Rusch (the accountant) and Chase Walton (the former Army officer).

Before the pandemic, the three friends "were all doing things that were less fun and saw this as an opportunity to do something truly unique that [they] really love doing every day," Lavernia says.

Whiskey Hatchet is behind an ax bar in Fort Lauderdale, and the Deep Ellum shop will be their second location. The pandemic delayed their opening, planned for mid-May, but it's finally time for them to make their debut.

"We, obviously, never anticipated having our 12-week build turn into a 9-month build, but COVID really magnified how lucky we are to be surrounded by truly great people," Lavernia says.

Look for the public opening this Friday, Oct. 2. Reservations aren't required, but they are highly recommended, especially since this spot is new to Dallas and we have capacity limits everyone needs to follow.

Whiskey Hatchet, 2800 Canton St. (Deep Ellum). Open 4 p.m. to "close" Thursday and Friday, and noon to "close" Saturday and Sunday.
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