White Russian Marshmallows & Other Booze-Infused Goodies

If there is anything better in this world than candy, it's booze. Or maybe it's the other way around.

Regardless, when the two come together, it's something special. Greatness begets greatness. It's like when Queen and David Bowie joined forces and created "Under Pressure," or when The Undertaker and Kane teamed up to become The Brothers of Destruction.

Taking a page out of the book of those unstoppable partnerships, a few ambitious folks across the Internet have decided to combine the sweet stuff and the hard stuff to create a handful of culinary tours de force, their final products ranging from wine ice cream to craft beer caramels. Hellyea.

Over at Orlando-based Sugar Poofs, the Original White Russian poof, which is so hot-off-the-press new that they don't even have fancy packaging for it yet, is made with real coffee liqueur and Irish cream. The alcohol content is low, but still, gotta be 21 or older to get your hands on those poofs.

While it's arguable whether ice cream falls under the "candy" category, for the sake of this post and potentially getting you drunk off a pint of Cherry Merlot, allow me to sing the praises of Mercer's Wine Ice Cream. This God-sent dessert, based out of a tiny lil' factory in Booneville, New York, is no joke when it comes to its booze content. All six wine-laced flavors are comprised of 5 percent alcohol to go along with its 12 percent butterfat. Wine? Butterfat? Add bacon and sprinkles to the list of ingredients and we're looking at perhaps the greatest food item ever made. Along with the Cherry Merlot, you can find Chocolate Cabernet, Peach White Zinfandel, Port, Red Raspberry Chardonnay and Riesling in Mercer's ice cream repertoire.

Bringing up the rear is Beercandy, which is billed as "the first candy for beer lovers." Beercandy pumps out caramels and taffy, both of which are made with real craft beer. Depending on the candy, you'll taste subtle hints of IPA, stout, lager or lambic with each and every bite. Much like the poofs, these beery delectables contain only trace amounts of alcohol. But still, no-can-do for you under 21ers.

Marshmallows, ice cream, candy, all booze-ified. It's as if Willy Wonka joined forces with Popcorn Sutton. Spectacular creations, to be sure.

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