Who the F*#& Ate all the Doughnuts? This Week in Dallas Dining

You've made it. And other than the potential for a little precipitation this evening, the weekend forecast calls for some seriously impressive weather. The low 90s in Texas in August is something you really should take advantage of. But not before we wrap this week up.

Surely, you've heard of FT33. The restaurant has been making both local and national news since it opened. I waited till Matt McCallister's Design District spot had been open close to a year to review it, because many restaurants seem to run out of steam after that initial hot run. But FT33 has not run out of the good stuff, and I think there's much more to come. You can check out my review here.

Elsewhere on CoA, we paid a visit to the new Trader Joe's, and then left when we discovered there was no cold beer. And a doughnut shop briefly opened and then closed when hungry Dallasites cleaned out the doughnut racks shortly after.

We also paid a visit to the folks behind Carnival Barker, one of nine food professionals we featured in another post celebrating our local artisans. And we kicked off a new series that takes a look at our best coffee shops, while adding five more restaurants to our list of places guaranteed to keep you from getting bored.

Over on the Eats Blog Kim Pierce sits in for Leslie Brenner, who had the nerve to take a vacation. Pierce reviews Battuto and awards two stars, noting the owners' transition from the radio industry to the world of Italian dining. The transition was not seamless. Pierce also dropped a post, that says Oak Lawn sushi favorite Oishii should be open again in October. The place was gutted by a fire back in 2012.

Over on Side Dish, Carol Shih seems to have gotten into Snoop Lion's stash. I have no idea what the resultant blog post means, but reading it makes me smile. Maybe you can figure it out. And Nancy Nichols remembered that St. Pete's is awesome. But you've known that for some time, haven't you?

And be sure to check out Daniel Vaughn's piece on TXMBBQ on the Bewley's. If you get the local version of The Times, it ran in the Texas section, and delves in deep with the popular barbecue pit manufacturer. Maybe you're in the market?

This would be a good weekend to get started perfecting your technique, too. Lows in the 70's for this time of year? It's downright soothing.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.