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Why Go Wiking When You Could Go Bubing?

For centuries, people have been boozing it up while they hike. (Ask your mom.) But now that it's becoming popular to do wine-tastings on hikes, the activity has been given a new name: wiking.

We're really excited for this new trend, and can't wait for these other leisurely sport + food activities to become so popular that they earn their own mashed-up names:

Bubing Let's all go float the river while chugging Lone Stars! Beer and tubing will henceforth be known as bubing (pronounced "boobing").

Dolf Up for a round of dolf? I'll bring the donuts, you bring the balls.

Bar-B-Qoga Yoga's alright, but pretending to do yoga stretches while horking down a pound of brisket? Way better. Bikram just got so lame.

Jack-In-The-Boxing Eating Jack In The Box while punching someone in the eyeball.

Breastling The sport of trying to butterfly a chicken breast with a dull knife.

Tai Chimichanga Super meditative, way more delicious.

Pukiing Skiing while throwing up Jager you had the night before.

Rotorcycling Be careful riding that motorcycle. And be super careful to get all the meat off the bone of those ribs while you're at it.

Bycling Eating bacon while cycling. How is this not already a thing?

Beefgliding "I love hang gliding. Pass the flank steak!"

Souking Sous vide-ing while fu ... you get it.

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