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Wicked Po'Boys Set To Open In Richardson

Husband and wife team Joey and Lan Chi Le are set to open Wicked Po'Boys, a casual Cajun inspired restaurant on Greenville Avenue in Richardson, this Wednesday. The menu features po'boys stuffed with crawfish, BBQ shrimp, fried shrimp, fried oysters and soft shell crab. They had a soft opening today.

Chi is a dentist with a practice in Frisco when she's not stuffing baguettes to the hilt with fried seafood. Joey left his job as a senior project manager to char grill oysters, hand out beers and manage the new family business. While the couple worked up all the recipes on their own, they employed Gin Designs to handle the design. "It was so important to me, to get it right," Chi told me.

The menu at Wicked Po'Boys is casual and affordable. Sandwiches run from $6.50-$9, and the menu is dotted with other Cajun dishes like crawfish etoufee ($8) a BBQ shrimp appetizer ($7) and fried catfish entree ($10).

I asked Chi why the heck she'd turn her attention from the lucrative dentistry to the woefully difficult restaurant business. She said she missed the bold, spicy flavors she used to indulge while studying at LSU and thought she could improve Dallas' Cajun cooking scene. When asked if she had any plans for expanding the concept Chi was cautiously enthusiastic. "It depends on everything plays out," she said. "I hope so one day."

1811 North Greenville Ave., Suite 400, 972-238-1313

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