Winspear Opera House's Petite Sandwich Redefines "Petite." And "Sandwich."

Winspear Opera House's Petite Sandwich Redefines "Petite." And "Sandwich."

Last night the Winspear Opera House played host to Kathleen Edwards, a Canadian folk and country singer, and Bon Iver. The opera house, a marvel of modern architectural and sound design, makes for a life-shifting experience when the music is good.

I wish I could say the same for the food and drink.

I don't mind that my beer was warm and served in a rickety plastic cup (the same cups that overturned in the concert hall to make a racket during every quiet moment in the show). It was the petite sandwich that really captured my attention.

Priced at $6, the petite sandwich comes in roast beef (pictured), turkey and ham varieties, and comes garnished with a tiny cornichon and a pear-shaped baby tomato. I waited in line for a second (warm) beer and pondered my choices.

"I'd like the petite roast beef," I said, when my turn had arrived. The attendant told me they were out, but I could have turkey if I like.

"I'd like the petite turkey sandwich please," I responded, with extra enthusiasm.

Winspear Opera House's Petite Sandwich Redefines "Petite." And "Sandwich."
At this price point you'd have to spend $28.80 to get a 12-inch hoag

Behold. The petite turkey ham sandwich returned to its original and more honest form. The four sandwich slices stacked and held together with a fancy bamboo toothpick add up to an impressive 2.5 inches of deli deliciousness. Paired with a crafty glass that makes six ounces look like a West Virginia pour ($9), the sandwich made for fancy eatin' indeed.

I realize I'm eating at a concert, and that most patrons have lower expectations when dining at a music venue, but this is hardly an excuse for assembling an egregiously wallet-raping menu that's not any good. This is an opera house. The Kennedy Center, in D.C., manages to assemble a full-service restaurant and cafe in addition to curating top performance talent. La Grange served me a better tasting taco this weekend. For $2. During an alt-country show.

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