Wisconsinites Fight Over World Record Bratwurst Recognition, Shaming the Great Bratbino

When the Rangers Ballpark announced the Great Bratbino, a follow up sausage to their two-foot-long hot dog that captured the press for days, they came up 50 feet, two inches short of the world record that would be set this fall in Prescott, Wisconsin.

Prescott residents rallied around the neighborhood grocery store's 52 feet and two inches of sausage during a recent Oktoberfest celebration. The World Record Academy sanctioned the effort and proclaimed the sausage the world's longest.

About an hour away in Dallas, Wisconsin, a small suburban town known for fluffy, warm hats instead of big, blonde hair, residents scoffed at the news. They'd been making big-ass-brats for years, and their latest came in at 135 feet long.

Oblivious to the World Record Academy, their fees that total $1,900 and a crippling bun requirement, Dallas' (Wisconsin) bread-free contribution wasn't eligible for recognition and Prescott's record stands. Meanwhile, Guinness World Records maintains a 36.75 mile sausage made in Sheffield, South Yorkshire as the longest and the Great Bratbino is rumored to have developed an inferiority complex.

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