Wolfgang Puck Is One Saucy Fellow

Thanks to Videogum and, ultimately, our copy editor for bringing ABC News' Nightline's foray into romance to my attention. She shared it because of my Paul Rudd fascination, of which I am obviously not ashamed. But anyway. You get Rudd, Seth Rogen, Martin Bashir, Cheryl Hines and some other notables reading from Harlequin romance novels, in "celebration" (though, I sense that term is used lightly) of 60 years of apron-shakin' publications, as well as increased earnings in spite of the economy. It's weird and surprisingly funny for ABC News, true, but for those of us who eat in Dallas, one particular accent stood out. Wolfgang Puck, you sexy dish, if Five-Sixty doesn't work out, you just might have a future in audio books...and in an entirely different genre than the cookbooks we would've expected.

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