World Cup Watering Holes: Local Pubs With Soccer Fans In Mind

Once every four years, a large portion of the world's population turns its eyes to what is arguably its largest sporting event--The World Cup Soccer Tournament. Huge as it's become all over the globe, soccer is still struggling to catch on in the U.S. But there are more than a handful of fans here in Dallas, who will fill the chairs in local bars and pubs to cheer on the U.S. National Soccer Team and any of the other 31 teams as they fight for the beloved FIFA World Cup Trophy in South Africa.

Whether you're a big fan looking for a place to watch some of the games, or you just want to see what all the hubbub is about, we've put together a fairly extensive list of bars and pubs that will be showing the World Cup games between June 11, and July 11

From that list, we've highlighted a few of our favorite World Cup watering holes after the jump.

Trinity Hall
OK, so we're not exactly in Boston, where there's a chance of visiting an actual Irish Pub, but Trinity Hall in Mockingbird Station is damn close to the real thing. There's already a built in soccer crowd at Trinity, so if you're looking to mix in with a room full of raucous soccer hooligans, this is your place.

Old Monk
Just south of Trinity Hall on Henderson Avenue, you'll find The Old Monk. The Monk will have World Cup games on its pull-down screen, so every seat will be a good one. Make sure you try some of their 18 craft brews on tap, or some suds from the various countries you'll be watching.

The Londoner
Just north of Dallas, Addison's own English Pub, The Londoner will have one of the biggest World Cup celebrations in Dallas. The Londoner will feature almost all the games on projector screens and TV's throughout the bar. If you want to see a tense rivalry, make sure to park it at The Londoner on June 12, for USA vs. England.


The Ginger Man
The Ginger Man's well-worn, homey interior ought to be be filled to the gills for the World Cup. It'll be a great place to enjoy a match with a wide variety of beers, if you don't mind rubbing shoulders with the Uptown crowd who think  World Cup is a tennis tournament.

Zaguan World Bakery & Cafe
Zaguan is one of the rare places on our World Cup list that isn't a pub. The chilled-out cafe specializes in Latin cuisine and pastries, but when a big soccer match is on, the dining room turns into a theater full of rambunctious fans. If you follow any of the seven South American teams participating in the tournament, chances are you will find many like-minded fans at Zaguan.

If we missed your favorite bar or pub to watch the World Cup, please feel free to list it in the comments.

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