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WRLM Hosts Canning and Preservation Workshop This Weekend

If you "accidentally" purchased 20 pounds of produce at the farmers market last weekend and only cooked a fraction of it, chances are you can pickle the rest. And what can't be brined is likely perfect fodder for a jar of homemade preserves. Canning and jarring was once the way most rural families put up excess produce so it could be enjoyed year-round. Now the art is seeing a resurgence among young home-cooks and artisans who don't want to see the craft go the way of a softening, withered vegetable.

Want to learn how? This Saturday,You Can Pickle That! workshop will teach students to pickle their own vegetables and preserves. Karen Phelps from In a Pickle will walk participants through the process in a class demonstrating hot bath canning, brine and spices for quick pickling, as well as shelf-safe pickling.

The class is part of White Rock Local Market's summer workshop series that highlights local growers and artisans with classes held at First Unitarian Church of Dallas. Proceeds from the series will benefit other programs offered by White Rock Local Market including local farm volunteer days, cooking demos, a hands-on gardening and nutrition after school program for children and more.

The class is $50 per person and $40 for WRLM members and includes a light lunch. Participants will also go home with jam from In a Pickle, a jar of pickled cauliflower they made themselves and a jar of cabbage and spices ready to be taken home and fermented.

You Can Pickle That Workshop, 4015 Normandy Ave., June 22, 9:30 a.m. - 12 p.m.

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