Yes, There Are More Burgers and Even A Meat Maelstrom: This Week In Dallas Dining

Did someone say Wintervention? Looks like a nasty cold front is on its way. Time to break out those dutch ovens and braise some lamb shanks, I'm thinking. Or maybe a hearty beef stew is more your style. Whatever you plan on cooking, cold weather dishes make your kitchen smell amazing and always have a way of warming you from within. Before you hit your grocery store to stock up and hunker down, we have a week to wrap up.

This week I reviewed Hopdoddy burger bar. The new fast casual burger bar is serving up some amazing food on the cheap in the Preston Center and sets a new bar for burger restaurants to come. (I'm sure there will be more.)

If you're not planning on cooking this weekend you could always embark on a good old fashioned barbecue crawl. Gavin is still in recovery after his three part descent into the meat maelstrom. Or if you need other plans, you can always check out Lauren's weekly event post from some ideas.

Over on the Eats Blog, Leslie Brenner pays the Park Cities Diner, Front Room a visit and awards two stars, even though the breakfast earns high marks. Meanwhile Kim Peirce is cooking up a storm in her kitchen.

Side Dish has a quick review of the Bowery's new menu, calling the additions ho hum. The author notes a snap in the Chicago style hot dog though, so maybe they've updated the links that gave me pause when I did my review this summer. A follow-up investigation is already under way, and I'll let you know what I find next week.

Meanwhile Entree Dallas has the first blog post I've seen documenting Rodeo Goat. Our blog post got some positive comments, and Rich Vana's photography looks great. Looks as though Fort Worth might have a winner. I'm still observing a burger week moratorium for the time being, though.

Finally, if you can't get enough Kroger porn, Culture Map has a slide show of the new location that's opened downtown. Might be a perfect place to do that weekend shopping we've been talking about.

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