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York Street's Closing Leaves a Hole
In the Locavore Scene; Tom Spicer Might Fill It

The closure of York Street this weekend, reported first today by Teresa Gubbins at Pegasus News, leaves a void that produce salesman Tom Spicer suggested he might be inclined to fill.

"One of the reasons I haven't opened a restaurant is because (York Street owner Sharon Hage) was in business," Spicer said. "Her bowing out makes me want to do it even more, because these corporate ingredients are such a bunch of bullshit."

Spicer, who's long shared the local foods marquee with Hage, sensed the impending closure from her dwindling orders and sympathizes with her situation. While he's not in a position to speak for the chef, he extrapolated from his experience that she could have been driven out of business by a lousy economy and Dallas' prevailing corporate mindset.

"You've got someone talented who could do better somewhere else," Spicer says. "And I'm not far behind her in some ways, because of my disgust. People don't care about food. They don't care what they eat. People are looking for better deals. It wears you down."

Hage -- a recipient of multiple James Beard nominations and gushing reviews in the national press -- told Gubbins that her decision was a "personal thing" and she had no imminent professional plans.

"I'm certainly going to miss her," Spicer said.

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